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The City of Watonga was incorporated in 1903 and is governed by statutory aldermanic form of government.  The powers of the City are vested in the mayor and city council.
The Watonga City Council consists of eight elected councilmen and the mayor.  The council meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm at the Council Room in City Hall.  City Hall is located at 117 N Weigle (1st and Weigle) in Watonga.
PO Box 564, Watonga, OK  73772

(Office of the City Clerk)


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City Council Agenda

Mayor Gary Olsen

Mayor Gary Olsen

Mayor, Gary Olsen (term ends 2019)
PO Box 564  (city hall)
Watonga, OK  73772
580.623.2200 cell #

580.623.4669 (city hall)

City Clerk, Shyla Teply (4 year term ends 2019)

580.623.4669 (city hall)

City Treasurer, Rodney Jacks
City Attorney, Dan Webber

Brenda Curry (Ward 1–term ends 2019)
506 N Workman, Watonga, OK 73772
623.5507 hm  623-4945 wk 

Kendra Baker (Ward 1–term ends 2017)
PO Box 72, 500 S. Leach, Watonga, OK  73772

Brent Wilkinson (Ward 2–term ends 2017)
511 N Prouty, Watonga OK  73772

Mina Green (Ward 2–term ends 2019)
721 N Noble, Watonga, OK  73772
580-623-2526 hm

Matthew Giles (Ward 3–term ends 2019)
1114 Villa Dr, Watonga OK  73772
405-812-1433 cell

Richard Hightower (Ward 3–term ends 2017)
PO Box 316, 1116 Villa Drive, Watonga OK  73772
580.623.4883 hm

Vacant (Ward 4–term ends 2017)

Rick Larson (Ward 4–4 year term ends 2019)
818 North Burford, Watonga OK 73772


Past Mayors of Watonga 1901 to Present

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